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Gingival barrier, gum dam 3ml each, with 2 nibs/tips

Gingival barrier, gum dam 3ml each, with 2 nibs/tips

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Gingival barrier, gum dam 3ml each, with 2 nibs/tips

LARGE 3ml syringes, not the small 1 or 1.5ml syringes!!!

There are 2 tips included for each syringe, to enable you to treat 2 customers with 1 syringe.

Gum dam is used to protect gums and soft tissue from chemical agents, during Laser Teeth whitening or dental treatment.

Blue gingival protection barrier for dental use

  • Easy to use syringe for precision application with a bib
  • Cures within seconds and stays in place (Use LED machine lighting about 10-40 seconds)
  • Simple post-treatment removal

Contains less than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide, zinc peroxide or other compounds and hydrogen peroxide


Allergy advice:

Do not use in cases of rubber/ latex allergy and nut allergy.

Do not ingest, for external use only.


Remove the cap from the syringe (do not discard it) and attach the syringe tip to the syringe.

Prime the tip by extruding a 1/4-inch line of the material, on a paper pad,

before using to ensure adequate dispensing of the material.

Apply a bead of Paint-On Dental Dam on the gingival surface

surrounding the dentition you want to isolate.

Carefully manipulate to form a thin film of Paint-On Dental Dam

with the syringe tip or spread it with a sable brush.

Clean the syringe tip or brush with organic solvent before

any ambient light causes polymerization. Then, replace the cap.

Hold a light tip 1/2-inch (13 mm) away from the Paint-On Dental Gum Dam

Light cure for 5-60 seconds depending on the light used.

Repeat this procedure until the entire surface is cured.

Peel away the Paint-On Dental Dam using a dental tweezers or a similar instrument after you complete your dental procedure.



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